Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ. 1   We are multi-location, multi-state and have different LIMS running at each facility.  Can you integrate our operations from these disparate systems?

Answer:  Absolutely -we are fully mapped with every major and most minor LIMS systems and can pull them seamlessly into a single management platform.  For the few we aren’t currently integrated with, mapping a new system will only take about three weeks.

FAQ. 2   Our hospital system is running Epic, Cerner and McKesson, respectively,  in different facilities.  Can you integrate with them.

Answer:  Definitely.  We are already in and mapped with all major healthcare EMR/EHRs and most minor ones.

FAQ. 3  I like our billing company, but we need the improvements on RCM.  Can we keep them and still use your system?

Answser:  Yes.  Once we’re integrated, your existing billing team can work off our software instantly, with no disruption in service.