Bridging the Art and Science of Medicine

At U.S. MedSci, our mission is to empower clinicians to improve patient outcomes. We have a strong passion for advocating change and innovation in the way patient data is collected, analyzed and shared across the healthcare ecosystem. Why? Because these changes are fundamental to solving virtually every challenge in healthcare – from eliminating prescription drug abuse to taking a personal and multi-dimensional view of each patient.

So, how are we doing it? As an integrated healthcare advocacy, diagnostics and laboratory management provider, we have combined advanced software technology and reporting with more than 1200 analytical tests in routine blood work, molecular, pharmacogenomics, toxicology, and behavioral health.

These capabilities comprise the PREscribe platform, which systematically gathers critical patient test data in from every aspect of the patient encounter including medical history, procedures, medications, psychological, psycho-social, behavioral and diagnostic results and benchmarks them against validated outcomes measures. The convergence of historical and real time data from these multidisciplinary sources is then digitally structured into one dynamic dashboard. In this way, PREscribe provides physicians with world-class analytic tools capable of meeting the challenges associated with management of patients in today’s healthcare environment.