Laboratory Testing

Let’s Redefine Results – Next Generation Toxicology and Lab Testing

For decades, toxicology and lab testing have functioned as mechanisms for policing patients. Are prescription medications being taken properly? Are results within the appropriate limits and thresholds? While this information is critical to patient care, it’s reactive in nature and does little to improve individual patient outcomes and therapies.

The PREscribe platform provides clinicians with access to powerful, state-of-the-art toxicology and lab testing services. With more than 1,200 analytical tests in routine bloodwork, molecular, pharmacogenomics and toxicology – all integrated with PREscribe’s cognitive assessments – clinicians gain a multi-dimensional view of patient health.

Cutting Edge Technology and Facilities – U.S. MedSci’s proprietary testing facilities are powered by state-of-the-art technology and the highest testing standards.  While we all see laboratories touting their use of the “gold standard” in toxicology – rarely do they provide substantiation.  In fact, most labs are using one, two or even three generations old equipment.  At US Medical Scientific we utilize UPLC (ultra performance liquid chromatography) in conjunction with a type of  MS/MS (tandem mass spectrometer) that allows us to go to zeptogram size particles (about the size of a single protein molecule).  While other labs can look at drugs such as barbiturates at 150 ng/ml, we are able to go all the way down to 5 ng/ml  on barbs for clients who request it.  This allows us to lengthen the window of detection for many drugs, such as barbiturates, well beyond what your conventional labs are capable of providing (double in some instances). We also provide tight chain of custody for optimal accuracy and consistency – including automated handling, processing and test reading.

Integration with Patient Assessment Data – Test results are automatically integrated with other historical and individual patient assessment data within the PREscribe platform, then analyzed and delivered through a single dashboard.

Access to Clinical Experts – PREscribe users have 24/7 access to U.S. MedSci’s team of laboratory clinicians.   We have 4 full time PhDs, board certified in toxicology, always ready to answer your questions.

Custom Testing Services – Clinicians using the PREscribe platform also have access to U.S. MedSci’s custom testing and toxicology services.