Patient Sphere Analytics Engine

We’re Turning Patient Data into Better Patient Outcomes – Every Day

What if every patient interaction and every data point had a measurable impact on quality of care? It’s a tall order in today’s clinical environment. Despite regulatory requirements and advancements in healthcare information systems, it’s more difficult than ever to collect, centralize and analyze patient data in real-time.

The Patient Sphere platform is tackling this challenge head-on. At the heart of this solution is  a powerful analytics engine that systematically gathers critical patient test data and benchmarks them against validated outcomes measures. The convergence of historical and real-time data from these multidisciplinary sources is then digitally structured into one dynamic dashboard.

With our Analytics Engine, the Patient Sphere solution equips clinicians with:

  • A whole-person view of the patient. The Patient Sphere Analytics Engine analyzes from a variety of sources and dimensions, including medical history, procedures, medications, psychological, psycho-social, behavioral and diagnostic results.
  • Alerts and flags to patient risks and areas of concern. Real-time analysis of patient data enables the PREscribe platform to automatically alert clinicians to patient risks such as prescription medication interactions, misuse or underuse of medication, propensity for treatment side effects, and abnormalities in outcomes.
  • Actionable insight for improved patient outcomes. The Patient Sphere Analytics Engine empowers clinicians to treat patients with greater understanding of patient behavior and risks as well as improved accuracy and consistency.

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