Laboratory Management and Consulting

Laboratory Management and Consulting Services

Hospital and Independent Laboratory: Laboratory operations are essential diagnostic components of the patient process driving decision making across every aspect of the treatment plan. At US Medsci, our we offer every level of assistance needed from new construction, staffing, management, and consulting to assist your organization in meeting its regulatory compliance, quality of service and fiscal goals as you create a center for excellence in diagnostics within your organization. Our services include:

1. Consulting – every aspect of laboratory, from science and workflow optimization, credentialing assistance, construction planning and oversight, billing, and much more

2. Laboratory management – Our laboratory management services are designed to optimize the resources of your system from the patient’s first contact through remittance and every aspect of the workflows between those two points. We have experience ranging from bringing a facility up from dirt floor and I-beam to profitability, to simply increasing margin by more effectively managing the data workflows to optimize management and RCM within the existing operations.

Whatever your needs, we have a very experienced team familiar with your regulatory and compliance landscape, fiscal challenges and every aspect of laboratory operations. When managing your facilities, we are governed by your accreditation (whether JACO or Joint Commission) and CLIA certified, reporting directly to your board. We provide the science, staff, equipment and day-to-day management in order to provide you a hassle-free, profitable center of excellence that is also a low cost, high quality provider. Our philosophy is to be conservative, beneficial to all stakeholders (organization, payers and patients), and compliant. We do not work with facilities that intend to cooperate with HOPD networks or MSO organizations and do not allow sales organizations to provide inbound referrals that are attached to any form of originating provider compensation.


If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for your hospital or independent laboratory, please contact Michael Shaffer at or call him at (770)823-7671
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