Laboratory Enterprise Management Software

Let’s Redefine Results – Next Generation Laboratory Management

Hospital:  Hospital lab operations are essential diagnostic components of the patient process driving decision making across every aspect of the treatment plan.  While the science teams in these organizations are highly capable and well equipped, yesterday’s generation of data management does not allow them to optimize their operations for inventory management, requisitioning, integrated revenue cycle, reporting, effective routing throughout organizational resources (whether internal or external reference facilities), outreach management and remittance.   Our proprietary software brings all these functions into one piece of software to effectively manage the operation substantially improving efficiency and margin, providing hyper connectivity and real-time access to every piece of data generated along with the custom reporting and analytics to relate in order manage profitability in today’s environment.

Independent Labs:  Revenue cycle management has long been single largest area for needed improvements in the lab space.  At US Medsci we have developed disruptive technology that reinvents the way labs approach billing.  We recognized that billing is traditionally treated as a post action process.  Billing teams wait until the tests are run and report generated before beginning their work in aggregating all the data needed to submit a claim.  This antiquated process doesn’t reflect the complexity of todays reimbursement challenges for laboratories: ABNs, Eligibility Checks, accurate demographics and insurance information, medical necessity, proper coding, pre-authorizations, and limits of coverage guidelines.  At US Medsci we understand that billing begins at the point of first contact and end when the claim is fully paid.  Our software maintains a presence at every touchpoint of the process, insuring that everything required is correct and complete before moving to next checkpoint.  Through our process you’ll be releasing claims 24 to 48 hours from reporting and have real time tools in place to automatically fix claims with incorrect or insufficient data.  No more calling clinics or reps to get missing data.  Our process reduces errors, reduces AR and increases profitability.  Coupled with world class management tools for sales management, requisitioning, inventory management, logistics, reporting, hyper-connectivity with every EHR and LIMS, and integration/routing across all facilities, reference labs and IT vendors our platform improves every aspect of your organizations bottom line.

All organizations: The Sphere platform provides clinicians with access to powerful, state-of-the-art cognitive assessments – clinicians gain a multi-dimensional view of patient health. toxicology and lab testing services.  Test results are automatically integrated with other historical and individual patient assessment data within the Sphere platform, then analyzed and delivered through a single dashboard.  This process allows providers to document and support their decision making against outcomes to provide better care for patients while supporting medical necessity for the decisions they’ve made about diagnostics.

Sphere Technology Overview