Outcomes Monitoring

We Help Clinicians Turn Data into Science

Every clinician has an opportunity to contribute to the science of medicine. The problem is most lack the bandwidth and resources to objectively and regularly evaluate patient outcomes, identify trends in effectiveness and discover opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Sometimes the business of medicine gets in the way. Until now.

The PREscribe platform systematically gathers critical patient test data from every aspect of the patient encounter (historical, medical, behavioral) and benchmarks them against validated outcomes measures. Clinicians are able to view, dissect and correlate this data across individuals and patient groups to identify trends in treatment effectiveness.

PREscribe’s unique outcome monitoring capabilities are helping today’s clinicians uncover new risks and benefits in prescription medications, determine why some patients respond to medical treatments and others don’t, and identify areas of improvement. This data can be shared across the clinician’s practice and medical field to improve patient outcomes and further medical research.

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