Patient Sphere

Comprehensive Care Starts with Real-time Patient Information

Improving patient outcomes starts with a new perspective. Evidence-based research suggests that a comprehensive “whole person” approach to clinical care can improve clinical outcomes and lead to a reduction in overall risk to patients, as well as physicians. The Patient Sphere™ platform systematically gathers critical data from every aspect of the patient encounter – including medical history, medications, procedures and the myriad factors at play in the patient’s physical, mental and behavioral health.

The Patient Sphere platform, a solution that laboratories can offer their providers, is tackling this challenge head-on. This solution is a platform of ancillary tools woven with a powerful analytics engine that systematically gathers critical patient data and benchmarks them against validated outcomes measures. The convergence of population, historical and real-time data from these multidisciplinary sources is then digitally structured into one dynamic dashboard. This process uncovers underlying comorbidities and gives providers actionable insights into the best course of patient care.

Patient Sphere offers clinicians the following tools:
• Patient Intake Evaluations
• Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments
• Telemedicine
• Chronic Care Management
• Pharmacy and Compounding Tools

Patient Sphere’s is powerful for the following reasons:

Mobile device enabled – Prescription related evaluations are provided via iPad in the lobby or in the exam room while the patient is waiting to be examined. This process allows the practice to utilize otherwise unused clinic time to allow patients to self-administer clinically validated prescription related evaluations.

Instant scoring and analysis – Patient data is instantly and automatically scored and analyzed and delivered in a single dashboard. Clinicians review this information as part of the patient exam and are alerted to areas of concern and risk.

Fully-integrated with existing EMR/EHR systems – Data collected during the patient assessments is combined with historical patient information stored in the clinician’s EMR/EHR systems – then delivered as a single, comprehensive view through Patient Sphere’s patient dashboard.

With our Analytics Engine, the Patient Sphere solution equips clinicians with:

  • A whole-person view of the patient – The Patient Sphere Analytics Engine analyzes from a variety of sources and dimensions, including medical history, procedures, medications, psychological, psycho-social, behavioral and diagnostic results.
  • Alerts and flags to patient risks and areas of concern – Real-time analysis of patient data enables the Patient Sphere platform to automatically alert clinicians to patient risks such as prescription medication interactions, misuse or underuse of medication, propensity for treatment side effects, and abnormalities in outcomes.
  • Actionable insight for improved patient outcomes – The Patient Sphere Analytics Engine empowers clinicians to treat patients with greater understanding of patient behavior and risks as well as improved accuracy and consistency.
  • Patient Sphere is designed to be a differentiator for laboratories.
    – It provides value to all parties – patient, provider, and medical staff – to launch laboratories into a hyper-growth state.