Sphere Platform Overview

Accurate, Actionable Insights to Improve Patient Outcomes

Healthcare has reached a crisis point as misdiagnoses and the misuse and abuse of prescription medications grows while number of sufferers increase. The issue may be complex, but the message is clear. It’s time for a change.

At U.S. MedSci, we believe change must start at the clinical level – beginning with the way practitioners assess patients, prescribe treatment and monitor patient outcomes. Our Sphere™ platform systematically gathers critical patient test data from every aspect of the patient encounter including medical history, procedures, medications, psychological, psychosocial, behavioral and diagnostic results. The platform then analyzes and benchmarks this data against validated outcomes measures and converges historical and real-time data into one dynamic dashboard.

The result is powerful. Today, we’re empowering clinicians to make smarter decisions at the point of care at every patient visit. Along the way, we’re gathering critical insights that are driving the next wave of clinical research.


The Sphere platform offers broad-spectrum scientific data about patient care while providing a singular and detailed view of the individual. The platform provides comprehensive prescription and patient management capabilities:

Why Sphere?

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Less patient and clinical risk
  • Improved compliance
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Instant integration with other medical IT systems
  • Increased reimbursement and ancillary revenue